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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome!! ...The Proposal

Welcome to my new Wedding Blog!  This has been such an exciting few weeks since Scott and I got engaged.  I will try my best to keep the blog updated with all the new info as the wedding planning gets into full swing!  But we can't start the Story of Us from there can we? Don't we need to start at the part of the story that GOT us to the wedding planning?! So here it is, here's how "The Proposal" went down, literally(there was a tackle involved, but I'll get to that part in a minute).    
It was a random Tuesday night, I had just come home from taking a Pilates class and got  snuggled up on the couch with Tucker.  Scott was trying really hard to persuade me to come into the office, and I was trying really hard to get him to come snuggle on the couch; good thing I gave in.  Scott sat me down at the computer, and he sat kneeled on the floor next to me(new house has minimal furniture! Gift registry anyone?!)and began playing a picture slide show, complete with cute music and pictures of the two of us over the past almost 7 years.  Now, I'm sure your all thinking that red flags went up at that moment, but Scott has made many slide shows like this over the years, so it wasn't completely out of the ordinary.  There were so many amazing, terrible, hilarious, precious and down right perfect pictures, we sat and laughed and reminisced and commented on the pictures.  I was so distracted I didn't even imagine what the last slide would be, then right there in front was a picture of the most amazingly beautiful ring I had every seen, and the words "Will you marry me?"  The next few moments are a COMPLETE blur, but what I do remember goes something like this.   I threw my arms around Scott before he could say anything or even get the actual ring out of his pocket, he pushed me back to say a few precious words and get the ring on my finger, and then I tackled him straight to the floor.  
So there ya have it! After dating on and off for "the last 20 or so years" as we like to joke, which is sort of technically true, we are officially ENGAGED! Woo Hoo!

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