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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trip to Tinga!

So after deciding that we would be having the wedding in Mom and Dad's backyard, calling my hairdresser and booking her, we had a few more major vendors to book. I knew the next would be right up Scott's alley, but mine...ehh, not so much....Booking the CATERING!! As you all know I am the self proclaimed "World's Pickiest Eater", and Scott will eat just about anything. So with that in mind I think we all knew right off the bat we wouldn't be serving, as George Banks described it best in Father of the Bride, "the chipper chicken", or really any "normal" wedding food for that matter. So off to the heart of LA we went to find some good, flavorful, MEXICAN FOOD!! Yup, that's right, Mexican food. Our favorite, and after having delicious Mexican food at a friends wedding I always had in the back of my mind that it would be perfect for us!
So we piled everyone in the car(because we don't do anything the easy way), Chris driving, Whit navigating, Rylee and Brady in the middle row, and me, Scott and Mom squished in the 3rd row. We were hungry and delirious and thankfully the kids slept most of the way, but about 1 hour and 45 minutes into the drive, Rylee pipes up from the second row "okay, we're FINALLY lost!!!" (we weren't but it was the longest trip ever!)It and it was at that moment we all spotted the Hollywood Sign and knew we had to be really close! 
After a lovely 2 hour drive into LA we finally found our destination down La Brea blvd and Our destination finally came into sight; a bright yellow restaurant called Tinga. We met with the caterer, who mom had worked with before and he was amazing!
He sat at our table and began ordering food left and right from his iPhone! He looked at me and asked what I wanted to try first, I looked at Scott and said "ask him!". So we got tacos of 3-4 different varieties and he made me a delicious goat cheese and black bean quesadilla.
The food was never ending and the fruity drinks were to die for.
By the end of our hour "meeting" there was not and inch of free space on our table. We sampled just about everything in the entire restaurant with Rylee giving her thumbs up and thumbs down. I kept expecting to hear from Scott and Chris to see what their take on the food was, but every time I looked their directions they were both too busy eating one thing or another. So needless to say the entire crazy 2 hour trip was a raging success and the caterer has been booked! So get ready for some tasty Mexican food and no dry chicken and veggies!!!

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  1. Good deal! Looks like you guys had a great time.