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Friday, March 23, 2012

Saying yes to the dress?

I never imagined shopping for a wedding dress would be such an exciting experience. I think most little girls grow up having an idea of what their "dream dress" looks like, I was no such little girl. I really didn't even give it much thought, even AFTER I was engaged. I think it was Heather who one days say "yes! Now we get to go find you a dress!!". Oh ya, I guess I'll need one of those won't I?! It just somehow wasn't in the front of my mind. I was busy getting hold of my favorite photographer(shout out to Erin Hughes!) and deciding if we'd go with a DJ or live band.
But finally wedding dress shopping was upon me! So I made an appointment at Mon Amie in Costa Mesa. I wanted to have a special small family experience my first time trying on a wedding gown. So I took Mom, Mimi and Whitney to the Bridal salon for a memorable experience. I tried on what felt likes hundred dresses, but as soon as I tried on the first dress, I looked over at everyone and there was not a dry eye in the house. It was a really special moment.
After slipping into thousands and thousands of dollars worth of amazing fabrics there was one dress that stood out and everyone said it was "very Bryn" which I guess is important :) i really really felt great in this dress, it felt very me. Simple and comfortable. But it was scary for me to think that I had found "the dress" on my first trip. So i decided a trip to another bridal salon was in on to store number two! But this time it was a trip for everyone to enjoy! I was able to have my bridesmaids(minus Courtney) as well as my wonderful future mother in law Sandy there to see what we could find! We headed to downtown Fullerton to The Dresser for round two. We had a similar theme in dresses this time around, with everyone choosing very similar styles and fabrics. Then mom comes out of left field with a style of dress I hadn't tried yet. And it was AMAZING. It had a very different feel, style, fabric, everything from the "very Bryn" dress we found at Mon Amie.
Having had two amazing experiences trying on wedding gowns I am completely, absolutely 100% stuck. Baffled. Confused. I don't know what to think, or which style dress will depict the feeling I am looking for for my Big Day.
Wish me luck, as I have to get this decision made SOON so I can get it in time for the wedding!

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