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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bridesmaid dress from HELL

Bridesmaid dress shopping, the fun time you get to be with your girls and go try on tons of dresses in the most horrendous colors, fabrics and styles  Ya wasn't exactly what I was expecting!!!! Heather, Michelle, Whitney and I went on our first excursion to check out dresses and it was TERRIBLE.   The colors were awful, styles were even worse and I was so totally not feeling it I was annoyed beyond all belief.  BUT my girls were awesome and tried on many different dresses before we came to the conclusion that David's bridal, Alfred Angelo and other bridal stores weren't quite cutting it.  And so Whitney slips into her "Matron of Honor" super woman mode and books an appointment at Nordstroms bridal department in Brea so we can find something a bit more suitable.    After much online shipping I found the PERFECT dress, totally NOT what I was expecting to want, go figure, but beautiful none the less.   So we sent word to Courtney in San Jose to get to Nordys and try on the dress!  Whitney and the kids ended up coming up from SD on a scouting trip to see what they had to offer and low and behold I picked a dress that was,  so many seasons ago that they no longer make the dress, what they have in stock is ALL they have. SUPER, just my luck. So after hearing that we kicked it into high gear.  Whitney and Courtney were able to order their dresses from Daniel(important character, remember the name) in San Jose, neither of them in their correct size, because they only have a select few left in the entire company.   Sweet, 2 dresses bought, 2 to go.  Michelle and I went to Brea to get her situated and of course it was NOT that easy, the lady gave us the run around about how many of each size and color and location, we finally gave up and decided that calling Daniel would be our answer!  Meanwhile, heather got her dress(also not her proper size, but workable) awesome 3 down 1 to go.  And then there was Michelle....and to make a Long, long, hilarious story short I will leave you with this: 1 wrong dress delivered, 2 wrong dresses almost ordered, 1 call about a "back ordered dress"(curious since they arent even being made anymore) 3 erroneous charged dresses on her credit card and umpteen voicemails and calls to Daniel the Dumb Dumb, Michelle FINALLY has her dress and was told it was "the last one in the entire company".
So bottom line, ALL have dresses, and we still seem to talk about Daniel.  Can't wait to see how beautiful the girls look in them!!!!
Stay tuned...

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