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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My maids!

With all the wedding talk and craziness going down I have the honor of being able to turn to my 4 Merry Maids with whatever I need. Its pretty awesome, becasue when I think of them, even this early in the game they all have melded into an amazing group and have all taken on certain rolls.

My Matron of Honour(she deserves the u) is my amazing sister Whitney. She's incredible, I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding and am thrilled that she is taking the first spot in mine. She is the #1 planner, she has been on top of everything, making sure everyone is in the loop. Even though she's in San Diego she drops everything to go wherever I need her.
 My best friend Heather has taken on a similar role, but she's down the street. She's like my day to day planner, she's like the San Diego liaison when Whit is too busy.

Michelle is my lets-go-get-a-drink-and-talk-about-it bridesmaid! Always there to bring some fun into the mix(as if this 4 some were boring). She's always there to do whatever and make things smooth as possible!

And last but certainly not least is my dearest cousin Courtney. Court is my San Jose sister, if anyone is more excited about this wedding than I am it's DEFINITELY Courtney. She has already come into town to go wedding dress shopping and has already booked many other trips down so she can be involved in as much as possible.

 And I couldnt possibly forget my littlest girl, Rylee who will be The Flower Girl. She is taking this role VERY seriously and one time mom was talking to me about flowers, not wedding flowers, just regular old garden flowers, and rylee over hears this, comes running and says "BUT IM THE FLOWER GIRL!!" as if she was being left out of some important conversation! I couldn't be happier to have these 4.5 ladies by my side on my Big Day!!!

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  1. I'm loving your blog and I am super excited about the wedding!!!!!